Tournament Request

Tournament Request

The golf program offers one competitive event each month on the weekends. Most events are just one-day events, but occasionally we will host a two-day event. Both members and guests are invited to participate in most tournaments, where some are directed at our members only.

2022 Tournaments and Events

January 15 – The Eskimo Open
A two-person alternating shot event where all players start each hole from our forward tees or red tee boxes. One of our most popular!

March 20 – Spring Fling Kickoff
Four-person Superball (some call it a “Captains Choice”). We figure it’s time for the weather to begin to warm up so let’s get everyone out and kick off our season here at the River Golf Club.

April 23 – One Person Superball
New to our club this year. Yes, a one-person Superball! Each player gets a mulligan on every shot if they need it or want it. Should be a fun time.

May 21 – Four Person Cha-Cha-Cha
Nope, this is not a dance competition, but four players play their own ball. On the first hole, take the best one score, the second hole the best two scores, and the third hole the best three scores. So there you have it 1, 2, cha-cha-cha.

June 11 & 12 – Member-Member/Member-Guest

June 25 – 50th Anniversary Superball
In celebration of Lake Royale’s 50th anniversary!

July 4 – Red White and Blue Superball
Celebrate the 4th with food, fun, and golf. Six holes from the red tees, six holes from the white tees, and six holes from the blue tees. How patriotic! Four-person Superball. Make your own team or we can help to make a team with some others.

August 13 – Ladies Member-Member or Member-Guest
9:00 AM Shotgun start. Cost $60.00 which includes golf, food, prizes, closest to the pin, longest drive and team putting event.


  • Front 9: Superball using 20% total team handicap
  • Back 9: Best ball of team with full handicap applied

Winners declared on each 9 and overall.

September 24 & 25– Club Championship
Another two-day event for our members only. Divisions include Men 59 and under, Men 60-74, and Men 75 and over. 36 holes of stroke play, played under all the rules of golf!

October 15 – Two Person Jack & Jill
Sometimes we do teams of two and sometimes we do two ladies and two men for teams of four. This tournament is sponsored by our Ladies Golf Association. Details not in place as to whether it will be a two or four-person event. Event will start at 1:00 PM

October 20 – Ladies Bright Belt Finals

October 29 – Halloween Superball
Another tourney favorite! Let’s just say it is nothing like you’ve ever played before. Quite interesting putting through graveyards, obstacles, and hitting marshmallows. Did you see the size of that putter we had to use? Well, that’s enough of a tease.

November 19 & 20 – Two Person Turkey Trot
Also known as a Texas Scramble where both players tee off, select the best tee shot, and play alternate shot from that point on. Repeat that process on each of the 18 holes.

December 17 – Santa’s Red Tee Superball
Two men and two ladies, or a combination of either. We all play from the red tees and it’s a shootout Superball. Driving greens, putting for eagles, and pass the heater, the colder the better.